Zeolite is widely being used by livestock farmers as a feed additive for beef cattle, dairy
cows, swine, poultry (boilers & egg production), and sheep. Since Zeolite is the world’s
only naturally-occurring negatively-charged mineral a great number of benefits in the feed
process can result from this basic chemistry.
Zeolite are inert, stable and non-toxic. This, combined with their other unique
characteristics, allows them to be used as feed additives with multiple, complementary
benefits. Zeolite will also absorb odors from spoiled grain or feed grain and will
substantially reduce odors in enclosed animal facilities.
The introduction of Zeolite into animal feed provides the following rewards:
• Improved animal growth and weight gain by increased food conversion rate efficiencies
(less feed required per pound of weight gain)
• Strong affinity for ammonium provides superior odor control and a healthy environment.
Also protects the penetration of ammonia into the bloodstream
• Zeolite is a rumen buffer for the total digestive tract of high performance dairy cattle.
Higher CEC means more buffering
• Reduction of scours, acidosis, diarrhea, enteritis and other gastrointestinal diseases
• Strong affinity for ammonium that aids in digestion and nutrient absorption and improves
the value of milk, gradeable eggs and the meat index
• Improved dispersion of feed ration ingredients by reducing agglomeration
• Increased NPN for ruminants and improves rumen microbial activity
• Better phosphate utilization
• Enhances effect of carbamide in cattle feed. Absorbs NH 4+ released by carbamide   
• Reduces acidosis (grain poisoning)
• Anti caking/flow agent for feed and increased feed pellet durability
• Improved bone growth
• Reduced mortality
Has no caloric value and is not a therapeutic
• It also helps control aflatoxins in animal feed which lowers mortality rates from digestive
stress and reduces the need for antibiotics and medicines.
After years of successful field testing many feed suppliers and end-users have included a
Zeolite feed additive (of only ½% to 5%) in their feed supply program. There is an overall
improvement in growth and health of these animals as a result of Zeolite in their diets that
translates to better profits.