risk to your animals. The accumulation of ammonia in horse stalls and barns is more than an odor nuisance. Studies
have concluded that low levels of ammonia stresses a horse’s upper respiratory airways placing them at risk of
pneumonia, heaves, and other serious illnesses. Foals are especially vulnerable to these ailments. Healthy Horse
Stall Freshener absorbs and neutralizes ammonia and odors while providing fresh and safe air for your horse in it’s
Healthy Horse Stall Freshener is an all-natural, non-hazardous and non-toxic mineral. It captures, neutralizes and
eliminates harmful levels of ammonia and odors.  Healthy Horse Stall Freshener is a far superior alternative to lime
products for ammonia removal and moisture absorption.
There are few terms in the world of the horse owner that are dreaded more than Heaves, COPD (Chronic Obstructive
Pulmonary Disease) now called RAO (Recurrent Airway Obstruction),  and IAD (Inflammatory Airway Disease).
All of these respiratory diseases affect your equine partner’s performance and compromise their overall health.
The way most of us keep our horses and animals stalled for long periods of time during the day and/or overnight can
be a significant factor in the development of these ailments.  Many of us just do not have a choice in the matter they
have to be stalled; however we do have a choice in how well we care for our equine companions.
Healthy Horse Stall Freshener is the inexpensive solution to eliminating one of the three main causes of respiratory
distress in horses - Ammonia.  By being proactive and providing your horse with fresh air to breathe in its stall you
are promoting an environment conducive to health. If a horse’s respiratory tract is compromised it becomes an easy
access route for bacteria, viruses, mold, parasites and other foreign elements.
Why should I not use Lime?
(Also referred to as, Ag Lime or Dairy Lime) – Chemically known as, Calcium Carbonate.  It is not
caustic, toxic, harmful, etc., BUT…… Barn Lime has essentially no ability to take up ammonia.  If you dump enough
barn lime on a urine spot you may succeed in covering up the ammonia and odors (same is true if you use dirt/soil),
however the ammonia remains and will eventually fill the environment again.  
HYDRATED LIME – Chemically known as, Calcium Hydroxide Ca(OH)2.  It is very caustic, toxic and hazardous
to handle & breathe.  Hydrated lime has a very limited ability to essentially "cover-up" ammonia odor for a short
period of time.  And in the long run can actually increase ammonia.  Why?  Because urine contains an unstable
molecule (NH2).  Lime and bacteria force the NH2 molecule to pick up another hydrogen atom.  NH2 becomes HH3,
which is ammonia gas.  Explained in more layman's terms:  Ammonia evolution takes place in a "basic" (a high pH)
environment.  Hydrated lime's composition is "basic", therefore contributing to the evolution of ammonia.

HYDRATED LIME (Calcium Hydroxide) bag contains the following HAZARD WARNING:  (Copied from the
Chemical Lime Company (CLC)/Brooksville, FL34601 bag)  Avoid contact with eyes or skin.  Avoid breathing lime
dust.  Always wear NIOSH-approved eye goggles when handling lime.  Wear protective clothing to prevent skin
contact.  Ventilate or use a dust collector to prevent airborne lime dust.  Use a NIOSH-approved dust respirator.  Do
not use this material on playing fields or children's play areas.  Do not take internally.  FIRST AID: In case of eye
contact, flush eyes thoroughly, including under eyelids, with water for 15 minutes.  CALL PHYSICIAN
IMMEDIATELY.  Wear protective clothing to prevent skin contact.  If skin contact occurs, wash with water.  Should
irritation continue, see a PHYSICIAN.  If swallowed, CALL PHYSICIAN IMMEDIATELY.
Would you really want to put this in your horse’s environment?
Healthy Horse Stall Freshener
is NOT Barn Lime/Ag Lime/Dairy Lime, or Hydrated lime. Healthy Horse Stall
Fershener is a natural Zeolite mineral. It is completely safe for the environment, neutralizes and removes ammonia
and moisture and has no side effects.   
Zeolite is currently used in large feedlots to control ammonia emissions and other Greenhouse gases. A Zeolite
amendment in straw or wood chip pens reduces  potential respiratory problems and promotes an overall healthy
Zeolite is also used for traction control as it does not break down like bentonite or diatomaceous earth. It is also non-
dusting. Zeolite is also used to reduce flies in feed and Horse Pen operations. Zeolite’s negative charge simply pulls
positively charged odours into its matrix.
Other important features of a Zeolite amendment for pens are the composting and soil conditioning benefits.
• 100% Natural and Non-Toxic with no added chemicals or perfumes
• Completely compatible with existing bedding materials. Proven to extend the bedding life of the pen
• Absorbs up to 65% of its weight in moisture, thereby decreasing hoof problems and barn flies
• Adsorbs and holds ammonium, the main source of odor
• Excellent traction aid
• Provides for excellent compost and soil amendment

Application: Zeolite is added at the base of the pen and reapplied each time the stall is cleaned or at regular
intervals on top of the manure.
Directions for use: In a 12'X 12' stall environment, lay down 4 to 5 cups on the area, using more in moisture
condensed areas. Cover with clean dry bedding.In day to day stall maintenance,remove bedding material from wet
areas. Reapply
Healthy Horse and cover with dry bedding material (second application).
ABSORBS ODORS                             HELPS
AND FLIES                      ABSORBS
MOISTURE                      CATCHES
FUNGUS,BACTERIA         AND TOXINS            
Hope Gregg don't mind but he asked a question but didn't leave his e-mail address so hopefully he will visit this page and get his
.......His question was  We,ve been considering using zeolite in our stalls for moisture & odor control but recently a friends farrier
advised against it. He claims that it any info re this ? thanx......name = greg
email = allen
company = CTM llc
jobtitle = CEO
subject = zeolite
My reply....Although it may absorb some moisture from the hoof i don't believe it will absorb so much as to cause harm to the hoof in
fact it promotes healthy hooves the thing you and the farrier should be concerned about in a stall and trailer environment is the harmful
bacterias from the horse's bodily functions and the damage it does as they stomp around in it Zeolite eliminates the environment that
causes thrush any of the bacteria that cause disease to build in the hoof not to mention the absorbtion of ammonia that will greatly
reduce respitory problems. When you think about it we all should have been worried all this time about our liberal use of lime in these
situations around ourselves and our animals so since i've found out about Zeolite i can't believe anybody uses anything else.Check out
the use of pond rocks for your horses water trough and also Zeolite is used as a feed additive. Hope this clears somethings up thanks
Rick Casaday
Zeolite as a feed supplement, Horses are fed from ½ to 2% Zeolite amendment (14x40 mesh)
in mash feeds, or with a -100 mesh in pelleted rations.
The benefits
•  Increased rate of gain
•  Improves feed conversion ratio - Less feed per pound of gain
•  Improved nutrient digestion
•  Reduced scours
•  Reduces cribbing (chewing on wood)
•  Improves bone growth
•  Improves color of coat